Jerusalem Day

Wednesday, June 24th, is the Hebrew date of the 28th of the month of Iyar.  This day is a significant day for the Jewish people and I think, for the whole world as well. It is the day that we celebrate what is called "Yom Yerushalayim", Jerusalem Day. We celebrate the anniversary of the day in 1967, during the famous six day war, when the IDF captured the Old City ...

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Jerusalem’s Golden Anniversary

Question: What is "Jerusalem Day" all about, when is it, how is it celebrated and what is it called in Hebrew? Thanks. answered: Jerusalem Day – “Yom Yerushalayim” in Hebrew – is an Israeli holiday that commemorates the date when the Old City of Jerusalem and the Temple Mount returned to Israeli and Jewish possession in 1967 as a result of Israel’s stunning and miraculous victory in the “Six-Day War”. This year will ...

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Jerusalem – Palace of the King

This coming Sunday is the 28th of Iyar, the day when Jerusalem’s Old City and the Western came back into Jewish hands during the 1967, Six Day War, and it is also the date of the anniversary of the death (yahrzeit) of the prophet Samuel.  The Jewish people have a special relationship with the entire Land of Israel, but our bond specifically with the city of Jerusalem is as deep ...

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