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Outstanding Shiurim from World-Renowned Rabbis

Rabbi Dovid Greenblatt

Rabbi Dovid Greenblatt comes from a heritage of illustrious Rabbis. He is an exciting teacher who has taught for many organizations. Besides being an active teacher for over thirty years, he has founded and administrates several large charity funds and organizations. Professionally, he is an accomplished internet executive who is an expert in VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) and author of “Call Heard ‘Round the World.” Rabbi Greenblatt is a founding member of the Gateways Organization.

David Ashear

Rabbi David Ashear

Rabbi David Ashear received semicha from the renowned Rabbi David Feinstein ז”ל and the Av Bet Din Rabbi Asher Hatchuel שליט”א under the Yad Yosef Kollel. He is currently the Rabbi of a congregation in Yad Yosef and runs a yeshiva there as well for post-high school students. Additionally, he is the mashgiach ruchani at YDE Girls High School and  teaches emunah at Shaare Binah Seminary. He is also a sought- after speaker in the Syrian-Sephardic community. Rabbi Ashear has been Maggid Shiur Daf Yomi for over 15 years at Congregation Beth Torah. He is also the author of the Living Emunah series  as well as the Emunadaily email program.

Rabbi Mordechai Suchard

Rabbi Suchard is the son of a Rav and Dayan on the prestigious Johannesburg Beis Din. He studied in Telshe, Cleveland and Ponevizh, Israel, and received semichah from the Chief Rabbi and Av Beth Din of Jerusalem, Rabbi Kulitz. For the past 20 years, Rabbi Suchard has devoted his time to building Gateways into a premier education powerhouse that engages collegiates, young adults, families, singles and Russian immigrants in the United States and abroad to nurture and sustain Jewish identity, strengthen their connection to Israel, and make informed decisions about their Jewish future.

YY Rubinstein Rubinstein:

Rabbi Y Y was born in Glasgow, Scotland. He studied in the world-renowned Gateshead Yeshiva where he obtained Semicha. He served as the official Campus Rabbi for the 14 Universities of the North West of England for 23 years, before moving to New York in 2011. He is the author of thirteen books, is a regular columnist for Hamodia and the Jewish Press and speaks throughout the Jewish world. He recently resigned as a broadcaster for BBC TV and Radio after 30 years over what he saw as their anti-Semitism.

Charlene Aminoff

Charlene Aminoff

Charlene was born and raised in Great Neck, where she currently resides with her husband and children. In addition to her business, she gives inspiring lectures several times a week across the Tristate area (and all over the world), on topics such as emunah, kindness, her daughter Gali’s miraculous survival, and she also does challah bakes.

Debbie-Greenblatt 300x300

Mrs. Debbie Greenblatt

Mrs. Debbie Greenblatt is a Senior Lecturer for Gateways and has been involved in teaching and counseling Jewish women for more than twenty-five years. Her insightful and powerful presentations on topics such as practical applications of Jewish philosophy and personal relationships has touched the minds and hearts of all those who attend her classes. Mrs. Greenblatt lectures frequently within the Metropolitan area and across the country.

Mrs. Slovie Jungreiss-Wolff

Mrs. Slovie Jungreis Wolff is a noted teacher, author, relationships and parenting lecturer. She is the leader of Hineni Couples and daughter of Rebbetzen Esther Jungreis. Slovie is the author of the parenting handbook, Raising A Child With Soul. She gives weekly classes and has lectured throughout the U.S.,Canada, Mexico, Panama, and South a noted teacher, author, relationships and parenting lecturer. She is the leader of Hineni Couples and daughter of Rebbetzen Esther Jungreis. Slovie is the author of the parenting handbook, Raising A Child With Soul. She gives weekly classes and has lectured throughout the U.S., Canada, Mexico, Panama, and South Africa.

Extraordinary Elegant Dining with the Weiss Brothers

Nesher Fine Foods
Weiss Brothers Catering

Signature Youth Program

Run by Rabbi Avi Frank and Mrs. Tziri Frank, our programs deliver a fun, educational, and stimulating experience for young adults and children of all ages.

Rabbi Avi Frank is a master mechanech at the Yeshiva of Spring Valley in Monsey NY. He also serves as the elementary school Principal. He has been a Camp Director for over twenty years.

In his rare spare time he directs Pirchei and hosts Shabbatons for youth groups. Rabbi Frank has found his perfect niche as Director of the Gateways Children’s Program.

Mrs. Frank is the director of Mishmeres, a high school program for the Chofetz Chaim Heritage Foundation, and has a distinguished career inspiring and educating children of all ages. She is best known for her role in TIC Talk, the Chizuk hotline for high school girls; “Frankly Speaking,” a well-known humor column; and “Night of the Stars,” starring the Day Hab participants of Chesed 24/7.​ As the Gateways Babysitting Coordinator, Mrs. Frank ensures all young children are well cared for.

Retreat Features

Daf HaYomi

Daf Hayomi

Open Bais HaMedrash

Fully stocked with Sefarim

Lavish Kiddushim & Meals

Gourmet food at each meal

Q & A Sessions

Ask The Rabbi and get your answer LIVE


Available for young children

Pirchei & Bnos style Day Camp

Led by Master Storyteller & Mechanech Rabbi Avi Frank

Avos uBanim

Father-Son Learning in the Beis Medrash

Kids' Carnival

Games and Rides for all Children!

Motzei Shabbos Entertainment

Big Name Entertainment on Motza'ei Shabbos

Gateways Connections: Exclusive Shidduch Division featuring Gateways Shadchanim

Aaron Leshinsky

Originally from Lakewood, Aaron Leshinksy lived in Israel in the early years of his marriage where he successfully made many shidduchim. Aaron now lives in Lakewood with his wife and kids, where has established himself as a leading, sought after shadchan. He is a caring personable shadchan with countless successful shidduchim to date. We are delighted to have him as part of the Gateways Connections Team.

Fayge Rudman

Mrs. Fayge Rudman has over 20 years experience working in shidduchim and has been a full time Gateways shadchan for the last ten years. She focuses on singles in their mid-twenties and up, as well as second time singles. Fayge runs events that bring together hundreds of singles from throughout the United States and Canada. She has written for Binah, Ami and the Jewish Press, has been featured in Jewish Action and Inyan and she has appeared in ‘Match and Marry’, a documentary about today’s shidduch world.  Known for her sensitivity, warmth and intuition, Fayge lives with her family in Monsey, NY.


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