We know that meeting that “special someone” takes work. Our team of talented, sensitive and energetic matchmakers work day and night connecting couples, following up on every date to discuss, advise, and provide encouragement.


Matches suggested: over 100,000
Dates arranged: over 12,000
Marriages: 582 and counting

To get Connected, contact connections@gatewaysonline.org

Our Team


Mrs. Fayge Rudman

With her trademark good humor, Fayge has made scores of matches, specializing in setting up singles in their late 20s and beyond, second-time singles, and baalei teshuva. She has been active in shidduchim for over 20 years, and runs events that successfully bring singles together from across the U.S., Canada and England.

Mrs. Malkie Zamore

With a background in adult education and heading up many chesed projects, Malkie’s easy-going nature, perceptiveness and sensitivity are a great asset in dealing with people from varied backgrounds. Originally from Lakewood, Malkie has been living with her family in Monsey for over 20 years.

Affiliated Shadchanim

Mrs. Malka Babani

An experienced shadchan, Malka has worked for Saw You at Sinai and is an event planner for singles events and Shabbatons. She is known for her warmth and availability, and for the special touch of class and comfort she infuses into all her events.

Rabbi Yisrael Friedman

Gregarious and outgoing, “Freddie,” as he is affectionately known, has made hundreds of matches, and has acquired a great database of eligible single men. Rabbi Friedman is originally from Chicago and now lives in Lakewood.

Mrs. Ruchie Geiberstein

With years of shidduchim experience, particularly as a shadchan for the Binyan Adey Ad Junior Division, Ruchi helps young singles navigate the dating process, specializing in both learners and earners. She lives in Brooklyn with her husband and five children.

Mrs. Dena Greenstein

With a double master’s degree in psychology and education, Dena has successfully helped many singles find their bashert, and has also solidified many shidduchim. Dena lives in Brooklyn with her family.

Mr. Aaron Leshinsky

Originally from Lakewood, Aaron lived in Israel in the early years of his marriage where he successfully made many shidduchim. Aaron recently relocated to Lakewood with his wife and kids, establishing himself as an outstanding and personable shadchan with dozens of successful shidduchim to date. We are delighted to have him as part of the Gateways Connections Team.

Mrs. Lori Newman

Lori is a real people person with many connections. She brings a fresh perspective to shidduchim with her positive outlook, sincerity and networking abilities. She lives in Monsey with her family.

Mrs. Sandi Pirutinsky

Sandi has been involved in community chesed projects since she moved to Monsey over two decades ago. Devoted, caring, and always going the extra mile, she has made hundreds of wonderful matches.

Mrs. Adina Reich

Adina is well known for her innovative and forward-thinking approach to singles, dating and matchmaking, as well as for her fun, relaxed and well-attended singles events.

Mrs. Tammy Schwebel

Tammy is known as a networker and a person with a listening ear. Her experience helps her connect the right people together. She is a great asset to our team.