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Food for Thought

Question: What is the purpose of fasting on Yom Kippur? AskTheRabbi.org answered: Fasting is a way of ignoring our physical needs and focusing entirely on our spiritual side. This is in marked contrast to how we often act during the rest of the year, when we tend to our physical needs, often neglecting (and sometimes [...]

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Rosh Hashana Resolutions

Question: Does Rosh Hashana share any similarities with the Jan. 1st New Year’s Day holiday? Is it a time for making “New Year’s Resolutions”? AskTheRabbi.org answered: While the form of the celebrations may be very different, I can think of two ways in which these days are similar. One similarity is that it is the [...]

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Milk and Meat — and Chicken and Fish

Question: My question concerns food, since I am a chef. And so far, no rabbi was able to explain this to me to my satisfaction. My question is: Why do we consider chicken "meat"? When it comes to the verse "Do not cook a calf in its mother's milk”, well, chickens don’t produce milk! Even [...]

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The Fish and the Flood

Question: Hi Rabbi. With all the current news of the tragic flooding in Texas as a result of Hurricane Harvey, it reminds me of the Great Flood at the time of Noah, and a question popped into my head: What happened to the fish in that Biblical flood? Thanks! AskTheRabbi.org answered: Very interesting question! Before [...]

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Was I Really “Born This Way”?

Question: Hi Rabbi, I have a big question. A class I went to taught me that a major purpose of my life is to “work on myself” to make myself a better person than I am. But, I like who I am, what I am! As Lady Gaga’s song goes, “I was born this way!” [...]

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Peyot (but not Peyote)

Question: I've heard that the longish curls which Orthodox Jewish men wear are called "Peyot". Why do they have them, why are they called peyot, and are they related to peyote? Thanks. AskTheRabbi.org answered: The Torah teaches: "Do not cut off the hair on the sides of your head..."  (Leviticus 19:27). A Jewish male must [...]

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I Had A Dream

Question: What does Judaism say about dreams? AskTheRabbi.org answered: Judaism says a lot about dreams. Jacob dreamt of angels ascending and descending a ladder reaching to heaven, revealing to him the site of the Holy Temple. Joseph dreamt that the sun, moon, and eleven stars bowed before him, portending his future greatness. King Solomon also [...]

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Honesty is the Best Policy

Question: I work for a very small company. My boss wants the company to appear bigger than it is. Therefore he wants me to use made up names when dealing with vendors and clients so people think we have a larger company. Some people are afraid to do business with small companies. Please advise. Thanks [...]

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Tisha B’Av 2017

Question: What is the meaning of “Tisha B’Av” and when is it this year? AskTheRabbi.org answered: Tisha B’Av literally means “The Ninth Day of Av” (a Hebrew month). It is the date of the greatest tragedies in Jewish history, and is commemorated with signs of national mourning – in particular fasting, reading the Book of [...]

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