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Honesty is the Best Policy

Question: I work for a very small company. My boss wants the company to appear bigger than it is. Therefore he wants me to use made up names when dealing with vendors and clients so people think we have a larger company. Some people are afraid to do business with small companies. Please advise. Thanks [...]

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Tisha B’Av 2017

Question: What is the meaning of “Tisha B’Av” and when is it this year? AskTheRabbi.org answered: Tisha B’Av literally means “The Ninth Day of Av” (a Hebrew month). It is the date of the greatest tragedies in Jewish history, and is commemorated with signs of national mourning – in particular fasting, reading the Book of [...]

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The Candy Truth

Question: My daughter lied about taking a large amount of candy from the pantry that I had bought for another purpose. She wanted to bring it to school to help entertain her friends on a long field trip bus ride. She lied outright saying, “I promise I didn't take it!” A little later we spoke [...]

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A Time for Reflection and Hope

Question: I read that something called “The Three Weeks” is coming soon. What does this mean? I assume it refers to a special time in the Jewish calendar. Thank you. AskTheRabbi.org answered: Good question and good guess! Yes, “The Three Weeks” refers to a three-week period of time in the Jewish calendar. This year — [...]

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The Tragedies of Tammuz

Question: Why do we fast on the 17th of Tammuz which is coming up soon? Thanks. AskTheRabbi.org answered: The 17th day of Hebrew month of Tammuz is a date on which terrible national tragedies happened to the Jewish People. Therefore, we fast during the daytime on that date (see “The Purpose of Fasting”). We fast [...]

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You Don’t Be the Judge

Question: I have an ethical dilemma. I saw a good friend pick up an item in a store and walk out with it without paying. According to Judaism should I say something to my friend about it? AskTheRabbi.org answered: There is an important concept in Judaism known as “judging favorably”. This is a legal concept [...]

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Why Do Non-Kosher Animals Exist?

Question: I’ve heard reasons why we keep kosher, and therefore understand why kosher animals were created. But I have no idea how to explain to a 10 year old public school student, whom I tutor, why God created non-kosher animals as well. Please help! Thank you!! AskTheRabbi.org answered: I think that you should your student [...]

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Eating, Blessing and Giving Charity

Question: Hi Rabbi, I’ve started saying “Birkat Hamazon” (Grace after Meals) after eating. I enjoy saying and singing it almost as much as I enjoy eating the meal. But there’s a part at the end that I don’t understand, where it says “I was young, I also aged, and I have not seen a righteous [...]

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Unity – the Gateway to Judaism

Question: Why was the Torah given to us on Shavuot and not right after leaving Egypt or some other day of the year? Thank you. AskTheRabbi.org answered: Good question. There was a key ingredient that was still missing after the Exodus to merit being given the Torah — complete “unity” amongst the Jewish People. Let [...]

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