This Year’s ‘Sinai’ Experience 5773

The Gateways Shavuot Retreat promises to be a joyous, spiritually uplifting and engaging experience.  Renowned Gateways presenters and guest speakers including Rebbetzin Esther Jungreis, Rabbi Pesach Krohn, and Rabbi Y.Y Rubinstein – will inspire you through all night learning sessions.  For singles, meaningful opportunities abound to connect with shadchanim and engage with other singles. Children of all ages will enjoy Camp Gateways, pirchei, bnos or masmidim groups.  Delectable meals, provided by the Weiss Brothers of Nesher, will enhance your Yom Tov.  This “Sinai” experience takes place in the newly renovated Stamford Plaza Hotel, CT., where the entire hotel is exclusive to Gateways.  Limited space is available.  Contact Miriam 845-352-0393 ext.110 to register or visit for more information.