Pesach Concerts 2014

Gateways Pesach 2014 Retreat will be held at the Hilton in Stamford, Connecticut, from Monday April 14th to Tuesday April 22nd 2014.

Our Nightly Entertainment is always an experience not to be missed.

Wednesday night, 1st night Chol Hamoed features Simcha Leiner. Simcha Leiner has taken the Jewish Music scene by storm and is currently working on releasing his debut album. Click to buy tickets online for the Simcha Leiner concert.

Thursday Night-2nd night Chol Hamoed showcases the world-renowned singing sensation Yaakov Shwekey. He stormed into the Jewish music scene in 2001 with his debut album “Shomati” soaring to the top of the charts. To date he has released 14 albums and 4 DVDs. Click to buy tickets online for the Yaakov Shwekey concert.

Motzei Shabbos features the fantastic Baruch Levine. His best-selling albums reflect his diversity of talents as a composer, arranger and great singer. It is no wonder that it is said about him “Baruch has proven that Jewish Music today can still be meaningful, heartfelt and yet refreshingly in.”  Click to buy tickets online for the Baruch Levine concert.

To reserve a room at the 2014 Gateways Pesach Retreat:

Please call 800 722 3191×110

Send an Email to or visit the Gateways Pesach Website at

 Download the brochure for more information.

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