Harry’s Video Blog – The Taxi Driver – Parshat Ki Teitzei 5783

Harry Rothenberg asks, “Are we honest in business?” View this video directly on VIMEO The Taxi Driver – Parshat Ki Teitzei  This week we’re reminded of the prohibition against using false weights and measures when buying or selling. It’s so severe that you can’t even own a false weight or measure because you might come…

Rabbi Mordechai Becher’s VLog – The Sounds of Silence – Parshat Ki Teitzei 5779

Rabbi Mordechai Becher’s youngest child moved out of the house, leaving behind a very quiet home. Before insanity sets in, Rabbi Becher reflects on how rare it is to have silence in our lives, and how wonderful it is when the noises do finally quiet down. View this video directly on Vimeo.

Are You Listening?

Are You Listening?

As we approach Rosh Hashana and anticipate the blowing of the shofar during prayers, I would like to present five different shofar soundings from our history. The sixth will be, G-d willing, the shofar that heralds the redemption and the Mashiach. Shofar During the Inquisition – Sefer HaTodaah, Rosh Hashanah, Eliyahu KiTov Ferdinand and Isabella,…