Moving the Mountain

The Jewish people experienced a unique event at Mt. Sinai.  Hashem spoke to an entire people and elevated every member of the nation, at least momentarily, to the level of prophecy.  How could the Jewish people preserve, to the greatest possible degree, that connection to Hashem and the clear perception of His presence for all time?  Our Sages answer, that building the Mishkan, the portable Temple, in the desert was ...

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Acharei Mot Countdown

Countdown to Sinai

Countdown to Sinai The Jewish people’s journey toward nationhood began on Passover.  The Exodus redeemed us from physical slavery and subjugation but the people still lacked a national identity and purpose. This was conferred upon them only later when the Jewish people both heard and saw the words of God at Mt. Sinai.  In those moments, through the Torah that they received the newly formed nation obtained its spiritual identity and ...

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