Moving the Mountain

Moving the Mountain

The Jewish people experienced a unique event at Mt. Sinai.  Hashem spoke to an entire people and elevated every member of the nation, at least momentarily, to the level of prophecy.  How could the Jewish people preserve, to the greatest possible degree, that connection to Hashem and the clear perception of His presence for all…

Rabbi Mordechai Becher’s VLog – Spending Shabbat In Syria – Parshat Acharei Mot/Kedoshim 5781

After spending an incredible Shabbos in Aleppo, Syria, Rabbi Mordechai Becher gives some background to the Jewish community. Did I say Syria? Find out where Rabbi Becher really went… View this video directly on Vimeo.

Rabbi Mordechai Becher’s VLog – The Moral vs. The Savage – Parshat Kedoshim 5779

The Palestinians have shot hundreds of missiles into Israel, killing several innocent civilians, yet Israel does not respond in kind. That is because Israel is a moral nation and Hamas and the Palestinians are immoral savages. View this video directly on Vimeo.