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Gateways Classic Retreats is our flagship program. Throughout the year, on secular public holidays and on the Jewish Holidays, Gateways hosts retreats and seminars for the whole family. Every year, thousands of men, women and children from all backgrounds and Jewish education levels are provided with an intellectually engaging and spiritually uplifting, fun experience in hotels across the United States.

Gateways’ follow up arm, Gateways2Go offers a range of post retreat educational and social programs that enable participants to stay connected and engaged. By creating new social and educational networks, and tapping into existing ones in cities across America, participants continue to grow and develop in a supportive environment with like-minded alumni.

Community lectures and Shabbat programs take place on a regular basis throughout the United States, but particularly in the NY Tri State Area and are held in partnership with hundreds of educational organizations, JCC’s and Temples. Our presenters also take part in office and home study groups and in Scholarship in Residence throughout the United States and abroad.

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