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Pesach 2022


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Rabbi Mordechai Becher’s VLog – I’m A Jew – Parshat Tazria/Metzora 5781

Rabbi Mordechai Becher proclaims, "I'm A Jew - and I Won't Apologize to You!" Find out who wants him to apologize and why the good Rabbi ...

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The Land of Israel – 5781

The counting of the Omer is intimately connected to the Land of Israel, declaring the first crops of the land as belonging to God, and ...

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Harry’s Video Blog – The 36ers – Shemini 5781

What is G-d’s favorite team? View this video directly on Vimeo

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Chosen People – Chosen Food

The second half of this week's parsha, Shmini, deals with the laws of kashrut, the dietary laws. The Torah itself does not explicitly give a ...

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Rabbi Mordechai Becher’s VLog – HATED for being ALIVE – Parshat Shemini 5781

The LEFTISTS and the RIGHTISTS both HATE the JEWS. WHY? Rabbi Mordechai Becher has a theory. View this video directly on Vimeo.

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Harry’s Video Blog – Who Rules Your Life? – Pesach 5781

Who rules your life? Think about the question before answering. Be honest... View this video directly on VIMEO  

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Rabbi Mordechai Becher’s VLog – The Splitting of the Water…. All the Water – Pesach 5781

The sea split for the Jews on the 7th day of Pesach in the year 2448, but Rabbi Becher explains how this miracle is also ...

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A Really Brief Guide to Pesach

The Seder – Seminar in a Meal The Seder is structured around the fulfillment of a number of Biblical and Rabbinic commandments – The Paschal lamb ...

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Rabbi Mordechai Becher’s VLog – Questions to Contemplate at Your Seder – Pesach 5781

Jews love questions, and Rabbi Becher has a list of them that you can ask at your seder - besides the standard "Four Questions." View this ...

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Harry’s Video Blog – Dad, I Need a New Car – Parshat Vayikra 5781

G-d is waiting to hear from you.... View this video directly on VIMEO  

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Rabbi Mordechai Becher’s VLog – Flow Experiences and Happiness – Vayikra 5781

In the Fifth installment of Rabbi Becher's series on Happiness, we learn how "Flow Experiences" can also make you happier. View this video directly on VIMEO

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Four Cups, Four LeChaims

The Meshech Chochmah on the Four Cups (Parshas VaEirah) Our Sages instituted 4 cups of wine at the seder and the Talmud Yerushalmi says that each ...

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Through classes, events, and retreats led by renowned scholars and talented educational innovators,
we raise Jewish consciousness, nurture Jewish identity, and strengthen a connection to Israel.

Immersive family education programs
Social and educational events for college students and young professionals
Services focused on the Russian American Jewish community
Networking and matchmaking
Internet learning opportunities, including AskTheRabbi.org
Life skills and professional development seminars
Jewish holiday programs and retreats






Sukkos 5780 350x200






Traditional Chanukah menorah lit with olive oil, isolated on a black background; selective focus on the right flame.



Brownstone Russian Initiative – JDC Seminar for the FSU Jewish Educators

Russian Initiative of the Brownstone together with the American Joint Distribution Committee organized a week long seminar in May of 2012th. Nine young Jewish professional ...

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