Shavuos Holiday Retreat

The 2019 Shavuos Retreat is tentatively scheduled for Friday June 7 through Monday June 10, 2019.
The information below is subject to change.

Outstanding Shiurim from World-renowned rabbis

Rabbi Yizchok Adler

Rabbi Adler is presently the Rosh Kollel of Kollel Zichron Yaakov in Monsey, NY and the Rav of Kehillas Zichron Yaakov. He received semicha, Yoreh Yoreh and Yadin Yadin from Rabbi Moshe Feinstein zt”l. He has been a rebbe for over 35 years with a special interest in Lomdus, substructural Talmudic analysis. Rabbi Adler has published numerous seforim among which is Iyun BeLomdus. He is often a guest lecturer and has a tape series entitled “Perspectives on Halacha and Hashkafa.” Rabbi Adler earned his PHD in Philosophy from New York University in 1975.

Rabbi Mordechai Becher

Originally from Australia, Rabbi Becher has lectured at Ohr Somayach College in Jerusalem for 15 years, served in the Israel Defense Forces and taught in training programs for rabbis and educators. Rabbi Becher received his rabbinic ordination from the Chief Rabbinate of Israel and the Chief Rabbi of Jerusalem. He has co-authored two books on contemporary issues in Jewish law and has responded to thousands of legal, ethical and philosophical questions on the “Ask the” website. His latest book, “Gateway to Judaism,” published by Artscroll-Mesorah Press, is now in its fifth printing.

Rabbi Dovid & Mrs. Debbie Greenblatt

Rabbi Dovid and Mrs. Debbie Greenblatt are sought after lecturers who inspire people all across the United States.  They specialize in relationships and marriage counseling and bring a uniquely Jewish approach to the table.  The Greenblatts will join us for this journey, share of their wisdom, and be available for private consultations.

Mr. Charlie Harary, Esq.

Charles “Charlie” Harary is an American investor, strategic adviser and professor who has gained fame as a motivational speaker, radio show host, and television personality.

Rabbi Paysach Krohn

Paysach J. Krohn is an Orthodox Jewish rabbi, mohel, author, and lecturer on topics related to ethics and spiritual growth. He is the author of the bestselling “Maggid” series of books for ArtScroll, inspired by the stories of Rabbi Sholom Schwadron.

Rabbi Jonathan Rietti

A descendant of the Sephardic leader the Ben Ish Chai and son of famous British actor Robert Rietti, Rabbi Rietti received semichah from Gateshead Yeshiva, after which he helped establish the Kollel in Gibraltar. Holding a master’s degree in education, he has been an educational consultant for 24 years. Rabbi Rietti currently works in Brooklyn under Machon Daas Esvuna training teachers using hands-on chinuch methods steeped in Chazal-based principles. Rabbi Rietti speaks worldwide on topics including inner growth, health, parenting and Jewish identity.

Rabbi Mordechai Suchard

Rabbi Suchard is the son of a Rav and Dayan on the prestigious Johannesburg Beis Din. He studied in Telshe, Cleveland and Ponevizh, Israel, and received semichah from the Chief Rabbi and Av Beth Din of Jerusalem, Rabbi Kulitz. For the past 20 years, Rabbi Suchard has devoted his time to building Gateways into a premier education powerhouse that engages collegiates, young adults, families, singles and Russian immigrants in the United States and abroad to nurture and sustain Jewish identity, strengthen their connection to Israel, and make informed decisions about their Jewish future.

Rabbi Dr. Akiva Tatz

A South African born physician, author and lecturer, Rabbi Tatz spent a number of years concurrently practicing medicine and engaging in Talmudic study in Israel. His books on Jewish thought and philosophy include: “Anatomy of a Search,” “Living Inspired,” “Worldmask,” “The Thinking Jewish Teenager’s Guide to Life,” “Letters to a Buddhist Jew” and “Will, Freedom & Destiny.” Rabbi Dr. Tatz’s Jerusalem Medical Ethics Forum teaches and promotes knowledge of Jewish medical ethics internationally, and he has recently written a textbook in this field. He currently teaches at the Jewish Learning Exchange in London and internationally.

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Retreat Features


Aaron Leshinsky

Mr. Leshinsky is from Lakewood and has been working on shidduchim with R’ Yisrael Friedman for the last few years, seeing much success. He has gotten to know many eligible boys and girls before they reach the “parsha.” It is wonderful to have him join the Gateways Connections team.

Fayge Rudman

Mrs. Rudman specializes in setting up singles in their late 20s and beyond, second time singles, and baalei teshuva. She has been active in shidduchim for over 20 years and has been running events for the last 15 years, bringing together singles from across the globe. Fayge lives with her family in Monsey, and works full time for Gateways Connections.

Dena Greenstein

Dena Greenstein is currently residing in Brooklyn N.Y. with her family, and has a double masters in psychology and education. She has successfully helped many young adults over the years. Over the past few years, she has focused her efforts on meeting, and helping many singles find their bashert. Baruch HaShem, she has solidified dozens of Shidduchim.


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