Why Do Non-Kosher Animals Exist?

Question: I’ve heard reasons why we keep kosher, and therefore understand why kosher animals were created. But I have no idea how to explain to a 10 year old public school student, whom I tutor, why God created non-kosher animals as well. Please help! Thank you!! answered: I think that you should your student [...]

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The Prophecy of Moses

  In this week’s Torah portion, Korach, the Torah relates the story of the rebellion of Korach against the leadership of Moses and Aaron.  I think this is a good opportunity to present the seventh of Maimonides’ thirteen principles of faith, which is the belief in the superiority and authority of the prophecy of Moses. [...]

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Eating, Blessing and Giving Charity

Question: Hi Rabbi, I’ve started saying “Birkat Hamazon” (Grace after Meals) after eating. I enjoy saying and singing it almost as much as I enjoy eating the meal. But there’s a part at the end that I don’t understand, where it says “I was young, I also aged, and I have not seen a righteous [...]

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Is The Torah Green?

With the recent withdrawal of the USA from the Paris Climate Change Accords, people have been asking me what is the Jewish attitude towards global warming? I think that the question of human caused climate change is an empirical question and therefore Judaism doesn’t really have an opinion about it. In addition, I can’t give [...]

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Mow The Lawn

Now that Memorial Day has passed and it is officially “summer” I feel obligated to mow the lawn so that my grandson can actually play there without stumbling over abandoned vehicles.  As I was mowing I was thinking about the fact that we feel the need to cut the grass. By association, I also thought [...]

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