A Chanukah Primer for 2017

Question: This Chanukah I plan to visit relatives who are newly-observant and have learned a lot about Judaism, while I have not yet learned as much and would like to be "up to speed" when it comes to observing Chanukah properly with them. Would you please tell me about the observance of Chanukah in a [...]

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Speech Therapy

Question: I was wondering about how Judaism views the issue of not speaking negatively about others when dealing with clinical therapy. Are there parameters governing what may and may not be said during therapy? For instance, what if I’m having trouble with my dad or my sister, and there are issues about them that I [...]

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Chapped Skin and Washing

As the weather gets colder one of the things that I have been thinking of is chapped skin. Yes, my hands get very rough and chapped.  I use a hand cream on them, but, when I put on my tie I can actually feel the fabric catching on my skin!  I cannot help thinking that [...]

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Kosher Gobbling (Thanksgiving 2017)

Question: Hi Rabbi. Do observant Jews celebrate Thanksgiving Day? I “thank you” in advance for taking my question! answered: Most American Jews observe Thanksgiving the same way most Americans do. They take the day off from work and use it as a time to gather with their family. In addition, they may offer a [...]

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Cellphones are Fantastic – For 6 days

I did a lot of traveling over summer – I was in Israel, Vietnam, Thailand, Sicily and Southern Italy.  It was incredibly helpful and convenient to my phone with me.  I was able to be in contact with the other people in the group with whom I was traveling; I was able to be in [...]

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Mercy and “Richer Fruits”

Question: Dear Rabbi, I have a relative who is an alcoholic. He has minimal income and spends his money on his addiction — and then turns to me to help out with bills and normal basic needs such as medical or dental expenses. What do you suggest I do? Thanks. answered: Being merciful and [...]

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