The Kindness of Human Diversity

Question: I have always wondered how from Adam and Eve came all the different races and colors of the people in the world. I appreciate your insights and appreciate your “Just Ask” service. Thanks. answered: Thank you for your kind words and you’ve posed a really great question! The Talmud deals with the diversity [...]

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Night and Day

Daylight saving time has recently begun here in the USA. So it has got me thinking about day and night and their significance in Jewish thought.  We know that in secular law, the calendar day starts and ends at midnight, however, in Jewish tradition the day starts the evening beforehand. So for example, Shabbat, starts [...]

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Why Don’t I See Any Miracles?

Question: I was reading my son Bible stories and he asked a simple, “child-like” question: "Why doesn't God punish bad people the way he did in the Bible, such as what happened in Egypt in the Passover story? I was flustered for an answer as to why we don't see God's great powers the way [...]

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Snow Storm

We are just on the brink of experiencing a massive winter snow storm here in New Jersey. As I write this we are expecting between one and two feet of snow to fall tomorrow.  Personally, I don’t like winter, and I don’t enjoy the snow, however, from a Jewish perspective, winter isn't really so bad.  [...]

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Survivor, Persia!

We will be celebrating the festival of Purim very soon, so I would like to give you an overview of the history, background and significance of this festival.  The Purim story begins about 900 years after the Exodus from Egypt.  The Jews had been living in Israel continually, since they first entered with Joshua.  For [...]

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